That’s why we created IMStrap - safe, durable and ultra portable bike mount for your phone.

The adjustable silicon belt fits most of the bikes handlebar widths so you can use it not only with your own bike, but also on a rented one. There is no way the IMStrap can slip off,  because the silicon belt holds it tightly just in the right place.

With IMStrap your regular biking trips will become better than ever before. You can navigate the route following GPS while keeping both of your hands on the steering wheel. if you are a fan of more extreme and fast riding then you can add extra safety to your phone, by simply wrapping it around with the IMWires.

It is just one of the possible use cases, IMStrap is capable of much more.It is a convenient and multifunctional accessory which is not only compatible with any bicycle, but can also be used on gym equipment, backpacks or armrests for the ultimate hands-free experience with your device. 

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination and create your own convenient use cases. 

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