The Stick Company is a global product brand focused on designing, developing and optimizing our unique suite of revolutionary accessories—helping our community of users to secure, mount and position their mobile devices, quickly and easily. 

We focus on the user experience, creating elegant and unique products which are a joy to interact with—and which revolutionize the ways you can use your mobile device. And we don’t compromise on quality—we want you to enjoy our accessories for years to come.

We design products for the creatives, the adventurers, the people who think outside the box—we want you to discover new capabilities and applications every time you use them. More freedom, more security, more flexibility—that’s our gift to you.

Meanwhile—we’ll be at the drawing board developing the next evolution of our product range. We never stand still—we’re a design-led and innovation focused group of product developers —and we’re always looking a few steps ahead.