Product: 3D Car Holder

Find your way to be fast and careful


We’ve driven hundreds of miles on different roads and we are sure IMStick has the best combination of safety, convenience, and stability for holding your phone or tablet on every route. It is compatible with any phone, and the flexible silicone wires adapt to most vents.

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Phone holder

A phone holder to track your route or talk on speaker phone

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Tablet holder

A tablet mount for your kids to watch cartoons

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And even more

A versatile helper in any situation

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Featured Roles: IMStick Classic Silver

Meet your every need...

IMStick and its extensions could be anything you want them to be to meet your needs in the car: a phone mount, a tablet holder, a grip for anything. 8 super strong neodymium magnets hold your device securely no matter how rough the road is.

New generation grip for a better product experience


For even more versatility and absolute security use the IMStick's extension - IMStand. IMStand ensures safe driving condition and lets you keep both of your hands on the wheel.

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Strong suction

Perfectly adheres to smooth surfaces: windshield, glass, painted metal

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Best viewing angle

Provides the perfect viewing angle while driving your vehicle

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Easy to install

No tools required, doesn’t leave any marks

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Semi Permanent solution for your devices


Can be taped to any surface for a semi-permanent grip. Stable and secure mount of your phone, tablet or any other device. Doesn't slide or slip off from a dashboard or any other surface you decide to stick it on.

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