extra versatility for your device

IMStick is an elegant accessory for your phone that frees your hands for the things that really matter. We created multiple original accessories to increase the variety of mounting options. They will allow you to take your phone on a road trip, business meeting, workout session or any other activities - the possibilities are endless.
Extra versatility for your device
New generation tripod
Your perfect biking assistant
A perfect solution for all surfaces
Phone protector for active lifestyles


Basic tips

extra versatility for your device

A revolutionary smartphone solution for your comfort. IMStick is a new generation smartphone accessory that allows you to use your phone more freely and single-handedly without the worry of dropping an expensive gadget. We created a revolutionary product that is like no other: versatile, compact, and durable. IMStick is only two inches wide and under .40 inches thick.


Basic tips

For your mobile accessories. Is a number one item for drivers and photo lovers. This portable add-on makes a perfect pair with the IMStick, giving it even more use cases. IMStand attaches to all smooth surfaces and fully replaces any mobile holder in your car. It's easy to attach, detach and more importantly it does not leave any marks on the surfaces. The small size and extreme durability will allow you to take it with you anywhere you choose to go. See more


This silicone belt is created for your safety while on a bike. This way you can follow the GPS and keep both of your hands on the handlebar. And it is not the only way the IMStrap can be useful. The accessory attaches to any tubular handlebars and can be used on microphone poles, shopping carts or even your backpack strap! Choose your favorite way and extend the possibilities.
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For those who live an active life and want to keep your phone safe while at it - we invented IMKeeper. IMKeeper is a carbine with a retractable cord designed to keep your phone safe at all times. It has a screw that attaches to your IMStick and prevents it from hitting the ground while dropped or keeps it safe in extreme situations. Create new memories, take pictures to show the world and IMKeeper will make sure your phone is safe, while doing so.
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A great alternative for your IMStickers. Get it for a semi-permanent mount in places where there’s no metal or objects to attach the IMStick to. IMButton just like a regular IMSticker has a sticky adhesive back, with one major difference: the front part of the sticker has a screw for a secure mount of your IMStick. With this type of attachment you can be 100% sure that your phone will never slip off. For a more diverse angle, attach IMSupport directly to IMButton and start your creative process. See more

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