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Discover the perfect fit for your device, master easy installation techniques, and explore creative uses for hands-free convenience. From choosing the right holder to optimizing viewing angles, our step-by-step tutorial ensures you get the most out of your phone holder.

Your phone's best buddy


IMStick is the revolutionary accessory that frees up your phone to join you on all your adventures. Forget worrying about dropping, cracking, or breaking your device - IMStick’s versatile, compact and durable design keeps it safe wherever you go and whatever you do. The unique attachments allow you to mount, position and secure your phone to any surface - the possibilities are unlimited.

IMStick has three types of attachment

1. The neodymium magnets

Attaches to all metal surfaces.
If there’s no metal surface around - you can easily stick an extra metal plate onto the wall, mirror, or glass to use the IMStick in any desired location.
The plate is supplied with a strong adhesive on the back to ensure a secure grip with all kinds of surfaces.

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2. The wires

Can be molded into any shape or form you desire: create a loop or hook to hang it, mount a stand to place it on a flat surface, or simply wrap the wires around your hand for extra security.

3. The universal screw port

Is fun and useful feature for photography enthusiasts and anyone who is passionate about travel. It attaches to most tripods and all of our Original Accessories that add more versatility and comfort to already a multifunctional product.

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MagSafe Compatibility

IMStick is compartable with MagSafe. Provides a comfortable positioning and lets you use the device while charging.

How to choose your IMStick?

The IMStick and the IMStick Pro work with all types of smartphones and tablets. The only difference is that the IMStick Pro was designed for the iPhone 12 and above (with MagSafe) so you don’t need to attach a metal plate/IMSticker, it sticks directly to your phone. Also, the IMStick Pro is 30% stronger than the IMStick Classic version, holding up to 2 kg without the IMSticker metal plate. For extra security, up to 3kg, we’d recommend you use IMSticker. It can be placed directly on your phone, or under the case and can be easily removed when not in use, with no marks or damage.

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