Install the IMStick  

Step one: Install the fixture – a special metal insert. It’s best just to put it under the casing. But you can install it in a variety of ways.

Step two: Make sure it  isn’t covering the wireless charger port. Otherwise, it will decrease the force of the magnetic grip.

Step three: Attach IMStick to the fixture and explore any of its 100 uses.

Choose your IMStick

Types of attachment

Our product guarantees a hands-free experience to you wherever you are with three key features.

The neodymium magnets

Attach to all metal surfaces. If there’s no metal surface around, you can easily stick an extra metal plate onto a wall, mirror, or glass surface to use the IMStick in any desired location. The plate has a strong adhesive on the back to ensure a secure grip on all kinds of surfaces.

The wires

Can be molded into any shape or form you desire: create a loop or hook to hang it, make a stand to place it on a flat surface, or simply wrap the wires around your hand for extra security.

The universal screw port

It is a useful feature for photography enthusiasts and anyone who is passionate about travel. It attaches to most tripods and all of our original accessories.