Prop your ipad

Use IMStand to prop your ipad in a vertical position to stream the videos or watch workout on the platforms that don’t support other resolutions. It’s also easy to charge while using IMStand. The wireless and cord charging both work perfectly in this position

Road trip entertainment

Entertain your passengers or family members while on a long road trip. Tablet attaches to the back of the front seats with the help of IMStick to make the ride more fun and keep everyone entertained

Apple Pencil

For the creative souls and all those who use IPad with apple pencil IMWires can become a great grip for the accessory. Wrap it around the IPad and secure the pencil - this way you won’t ever have to worry of losing it

Music rehearsals

Whether you are a professional musician or a beginner - we got you covered. A tablet and IMStand is a perfect combination to follow your chords or tabs while learning a new song. You can easily prop it on a table or any desired surface of your choice