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Product: IMStick Silver Classic

Helps you capture every moment along the way


We designed an accessory that is just right for you: an active and always on the go travel enthusiast. No matter if it is a solo trip or a family getaway, we made sure you stay on top of capturing your best travel moments with the help of IMStick.


Creative camera

Use it as an improvised tripod. Wrap the wires around a desirable object and start shooting

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Phone hanger

Use it as a phone holder at a hotel. Clip it to a bed stand to never miss an alarm clock or important call

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Easy access

Tie your phone to a backpack or bag for easy phone access whenever you need it

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More angles & possibilities on your travels


Your new generation tripod that is more flexible and mobile than ever. Whether you travel by car, boat or staying at a hotel, IMStand will come in handy and create a comfortable and convenient phone experience.


Road trip

Travel by car and use IMStand to hold your phone for a safe and convenient road trip


IMStand is a perfect solution for your phone, attach it to the deck and take pictures, film videos or follow the tide app

On board

Make your travel experience better than ever before by bringing your own entertainment on board