IMStick  Signature  features

The benefits of our phone holder are numerous, but they all are based on these critical features:

  • Neodymium magnets with an option to attach the phone to any metal surface and check the sports tips videos.
  • Metal wires with a silicone coating to hang or strap your phone for a better viewing experience or to create a custom stand to easily access any info on training.
  • A screw port that every IMStick includes can help you get the best photos or videos of your training to publish afterward.

Moreover, wireless charging stays accessible to you, which allows a phone to be more useful than your regular armband. Think it over!

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IMStick Advantages for Everyone

Let's take a closer look at the most beneficial features of IMStick!

Train with the Internet

A cell phone holder, IMStick is a wonderful addition to your training routine as it allows you to multitask in a perfect way: you watch an educational video and, right after, put knowledge into practice. Our customers note that after buying IMStick, they were able to improve their performance two times faster!

Keep an eye on progress

Instead of wearing smartwatches on your arm and anxiously looking at it every second, you could always have a larger display in front of you, thanks to IMStick. Use it as an attachment to your gym equipment and drive your cycling bike freely, avoiding worries about any vibrations.

Save precious moments

IMStick is a key element of your setup with the goal of capturing the best moments of your training. The adjustable wires will help you attach the phone to unexpected tools and get mind-blowing photos and videos for your collection.

IMStick and its variations

Just like in a gym, where you need a special piece of equipment to practice certain muscles, in the tech world, you also require different accessories to achieve different goals. The Stick Company proudly presents to you IMStick-compatible items that can be installed where you train. 

Other items (and a kit with them all) with different shipping options you can purchase in our shop include:

  1. IMButton — a small but mighty plate with an adhesive back with a screw that allows you to mount your phone securely.
  2. IMMount is a metal element that is attached to your bike and helps mount a phone on it. It's perfect for the bike, motorcycle, and course motorsports lovers over there!
  3. IMStand is an older brother of a notorious tripod that has lost two of its legs but received a sturdy look.

Let us examine the latter one a bit closer.

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IMStand helps  while you exercise

This magnet mount is a must-have for those who work on their blog and create content from every training session. You can improve the quality of the videos up to 3 times by simply putting your iPhone or a camera on this modern tool. Moreover, you could use the suction cup at the end of it to create mesmerizing angles and double the amount of content.

Enter the streaming game

If good old photos and videos do not satisfy you anymore, you can always become a streamer yourself with IMStand. Spread fitness ideas and remain active after mounting your phone wherever you like, and we promise that success awaits you.

Check the useful videos

With IMStand, you can review at any moment the latest exercises with a ball for your workout, a fresh selection of exercises for your back, or the brand clothes made of modern fabric that lets your body breathe. If you require a cable for wireless charging, IMStand doesn't prevent it at all, while the grip still stays on point even with slight elements like a phone case.

Watch over your performance

Instead of being with a trainer at all times, you can mount your smartphone on any surface and follow the commands while on a video call. What is more, the touch screen allows you to easily select the right fitness program and adjust it according to your needs.

Ready, Set, Stick: Get   Your Mount    Today

IMStick is a universal accessory that can be securely mounted to almost any surface. This magnetic phone mount is capable of transforming the way you interact with your gadgets and helps you use the phone instead of a smartwatch while training.Contact us today and get yourself a super-handy and diverse tool to make your training and hobbies convenient and technically advanced!

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