IMStick, your smarthphone's new best friend


It’s a portable phone accessory with three main ways of attachment: IMWires, neodymium magnets and universal screwport. Below you can find a few tips on how you can use your IMStick and come up with more ideas.

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IMStick is the revolutionary accessory that frees up your phone to join you on all your adventures. Forget worrying about dropping, cracking, or breaking your device - IMStick’s versatile, compact and durable design keeps it safe anywhere. The unique attachments allow you to mount, position and secure your phone to any surface.


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, IMStick and its extensions will be your best travel companions. Use it to collect perfect memories along the way and free your hands for travel activities.


IMStick and its extensions could be anything you want them to be to meet your needs in the car, no matter how long the journey is. Use it for GPS, kids entertainment or even as a jacket hanger.


IMStick and its extensions are great for taking pictures and videos. Whether you are a professional photographer, blogger or just love taking photos and videos, we have a solution that will help you to create ‌unique quality content in any situation.


IMStick and its extensions are perfect for music professionals and beginners to arrange their music practices and gain new skills. Guitar, ukulele, violin or piano, the choice is yours.


There are many things to do around the house. IMStick and its extensions can help with pretty much all of them: cooking, cleaning, children's monitoring and gardening.


Make your training sessions more convenient and stress-free. With the help of IMStick and its extensions, you can get more benefits than ever before.

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