Enhance emotional connection with your brand

As we invented the IMStick, we recognize that it is able to expand the ways you use phones and tablets in your business. Customized products help to interact with your customers and elevate the recognition of your brand.

Personalize your IMStick

Front side of the IMStick can be fully customized with one solid colour. Choose your favorite design, company logo or any desired image to print on the silicon.IMWiresare, also, fully customizable and come in a wide range of different colors.

Metal Plate

The metal plate can replace your regular business card as unique, bright and eco-friendly solution. It will help to promote your business at a new level. You can choose any desirable color to fit your brands style and correspond with the team mates attire or uniform.

ID card

To advance it even further we can convert your regular officeID cardinto a metal plate by implanting the chip into it. The logo of your company and/or the name of a business center can be also engraved on the plate.

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Personalize the IMStand

IMStand is a great accessory to place your electronic system on. Turn your tablet into a cashier and process the payments much quicker and easier. Your laser engraved logo can be applied to the side or top of the IMStand base (3). IMSupport (2) can also be designed in any color of your choice.

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Multifunctional case

Get a set of accessories that come in an elegant case and provide even more flexibility and use cases to already versatile products. The carton shell (1) of the case can be customized with your brand logo and any image of your choice. The metal plate (2) that's located inside (to which we attach the products) can also be engraved with a desired text.

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