IMStick vs. IMStick Pro:   Grab Both   

These universal magnetic accessories have more elements in common than you may think. First and foremost, they all are based on the usage of neodymium magnets. These magnetic phone holders allow you to attach the device to any metal element you want. Next, they both have metal wires with silicone coating in case you need your mobile device to stand on a flat surface. 

Last but not least, the universal screw port can help you to screw it in, for example, a tripod. All these options make these accessories a must-have for every modern person.

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Despite all these similarities, our accessories have certain differences, too, allowing you to pick one according to your needs.

Let's find out more about specific elements that allow a Pro version to make its way.

Let's deal with the elephant in the room first: yes, IMStick Pro is MagSafe compatible in comparison to another version. This means that all versions of iPhones, starting from iPhone 12, will perfectly fit the IMStick Pro. Therefore, if you are a proud owner of iPhone 12, 13, 14, or 15, it would be a much better decision to stick to the Pro version of our accessory. It doesn't mean that it will not work with other phones; it will simply provide a better grip and simplicity in use without the need to attach a special adhesive sticker to the plastic or glass back of the phone.

As for the magnets used in our Pro accessory, they have been reimagined for your convenience by our team, and now we use magnets that are 30 percent stronger. Hence, it is an even more secure attachment that can hold up to 2kg of weight. Therefore you will be able to easily mount not only your phone but also your tablet or any other non-plastic device. 

Our stronger magnets can help in one of the following scenarios:

  • A long ride will not be boring if you attach your phone to the dashboard and enjoy a movie like you have a magnetic car phone holder attached to the vent or just a dashboard phone.
  • In comparison to a regular mounting system, your phone will not glide down, no matter where it is attached, while shooting a video.
  • If you need an interesting angle for your photo, but there is no chance to put your phone there, attach it using our rigid accessory.

The sturdy nature of our accessory can help you put the smartphone in portrait or landscape mode and get the best viewing angles without the need to hold your device in an adjustable hands-free experience.

You may worry that IMStick Pro will hinder the wireless chargers, but in reality, our magnetic phone mount will not interfere with your device using the charge. You can simply put your wireless charge under IMStick Pro and enjoy your magnetic mount however you like. What is more, our rare-earth magnets can even help you charge the device faster and more securely, as they will keep the phone charged in one place, ready to use. 

To prolong the durability of IMStick Pro, you can use other accessories from The Stick Company:

  1. IMStand with a suction cup for your car's windshield
  2. IMMount for all bike users with a socket
  3. A set with all these elements to have an IMStick wherever you are with interchangeable plates
IMStick.Pro Bitcoin
IMStick.Pro Bitcoin
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IMStick.Pro Black
IMStick.Pro Black
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IMStick.Pro Silver
IMStick.Pro Silver
29.99 $ Visualizza prodotto


 IMStick Pro  For Any Phone User

If you buy our product, you can be sure that you are all set for innovation and a future as a whole. Waste no time and order IMStick Pro to use as a car phone mount or as a stand, no matter whether you use just your phone or case as well. Contact us today and get your super versatile and powerful device right away!