IMStick Smartphone Holder : What is it?

The IMStick by The Stick Company is an innovative, heavy-duty tablet holder that lets you go hands-free and make any content you wish. With the IMStick, you can safely attach your phone, tablet (including iPad Pro), or another gadget to any smooth surface, stand, or desktop. You'll have the opportunity to choose almost any place to take videos or photos. It can turn even the simplest objects into selfie sticks, phone stands, and tripods. 

It's easy to make your IMStick an ultimate music stand for on-stage use! You can mount your tablet or phone on literally everything, even a telescope. Perfect for any content creator!

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IMStick Tablet and Phone Holder : Always Adjusts to Fit

The IMStick by The Stick Company has lots of advantages thanks to its three primary features.

Let's list them below:

  1. Special neodymium magnets let you stick the smartphone to any metallic surface and comfortably create content from lots of various viewpoints.
  2. Silicone-coated metal wires let you hang your smartphone or make a custom stand to get even more possibilities. Also, they remove all shaking!
  3. A convenient screw port will make your content-creating process even easier.
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IMStick for   content creators   : the ways of using it with Smartphones & Tablets

The IMStick is an ergonomic and adjustable smartphone accessory that is compatible with any phone model,

be it Samsung S20, iPhone, or even an old foldable phone. It has powerful magnets made from rare-earth metals.

Here are several examples of content types that the IMStick can help you create.

Travel vlogs and photos

Since the IMStick is a super compact, portable mic and tablet stand, it will require very little space in your backpack. But it can help you take breathtakingly beautiful photos and videos from the most unusual points of view!

Also, one of the biggest pros of the IMStick for travel bloggers is the possibility of attaching it to almost any surface of a car. It has much stronger magnets than the majority of its competitors. So, it definitely won't fall off!

Cooking and crafting

Culinary and DIY blogs are no less popular than travel ones. If you're into this, the IMStick can be a great helper, too. The possibility of freely choosing a viewpoint can let you highlight all the details of the process and make your blog truly unique. And thanks to the convenient desktop mounting, the entire setup fits very easily.

Fitness vlogs

The IMStick portable cell phone holder is also extremely useful for fitness vloggers. With it, you can record almost any activities at a gym, at home, or outdoors. You can even make videos when riding a bike if you attach an IMStick to its handlebar. It's so reliable that you can do it even without a protective case.

IMStick  Heavy-Duty  Holder: How to Select the Right One?

The IMStick cellphone stand has compatibility with almost all phones and tablets. There's only one nuance — for an iPhone 12 or its newer version, it's better to buy an IMStick Pro because it's made specifically for these smartphones. With it, you won't need an IMSticker, as with any other tablet or phone. You can attach the device holder directly to your gadget.

The IMStick Pro has lots of advantages. Let's list some of them:

  • It's 30% more powerful than the basic model;
  • Without IMSticker, it can hold the weight of 2 kilograms;
  • With the sticker, IMStick Pro can hold an even heavier weight - up to 3 kilograms.

You can put an IMSticker under the phone case or on its surface itself. It is easily removable and doesn't leave any traces.

IMStick: Ultimate Experience with iPhone 12 Pro Max

As for me, I also used IMStick to create content for my blog. I brought it on my latest trip to the countryside. The pictures and videos turned out to be wonderful! They got much more likes and reposts than most of my other publications. I'm so glad I bought an IMStick, and I'll definitely take it on my other travels!

Also, its magnets are really that strong. IMStick holds the phone much better than other products I had previously. So, the score is 5 out of 5!

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IMStick Portable Cell Phone/Tablet Holder: Stand Out From the Crowd

The IMStick by The Stick Company can give you endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity. You'll be able to experiment with lots of different angles and amaze your viewers. Also, IMStick comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. So, this tablet holder can help you customize your gadget and make it more unique.

In times when you need extra stability for your phone or tablet while creating content at home or in a studio, IMButton by The Stick Company can come in handy. This is a sticky little device with an adhesive back side and a screw conveniently placed at the front. This semi-permanent helper will ensure your device never slips off, and you can attach it to literally any surface.

We also offer the IMStand — a threaded mic stand extension with completely unobstructed tilt and rotation. This amazing walk-up standing solution has a 360° rotation possibility. A truly versatile mounting option!

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What You  Need  to Know About the IMStick

We guarantee the superb quality of all our products, so if you get one with defects, you can have it repaired or replaced. Keep your head high with the IMStick!

How to connect a phone to an IMStick?

You can attach your IMStick in several ways. If you need to stick it to a metal surface, you can use its extremely powerful magnet. If the surface is non-metal (for example, a bed or recliner), it'll require an additional sticker. Also, you can attach it using special wires or stick it to any supporting device and use it as a tripod stand (or a mic stand).

Is IMStick compatible with my phone?

The IMStick by The Stick Company is compatible with any tablet and cell phone. However, its more powerful version, the IMStick Pro, is designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max or 13 Pro. With it, you can use this accessory even without a special sticker.

How to use the included IMStick wires?

To do this, form a loop or a hook from IMStick wires. Every wire adjusts to fit very easily. They will hold your device very strongly, and nothing will bother you during the content-making process.

With an IMStick, your dream of becoming an Internet celebrity will have a much higher chance of coming true! If you want more info about the IMStick (for example, the narrowest tablet dimension), please contact us.