Number one integral solution

Set # 1

Number one integral solution for your mobile devices

The perfect combination for busy lifestyles in an ever-changing world - prop, hold, position and mount your mobile phone on all types of surfaces safely and securely.

Full package

Set # 1

All your phone needs covered in one single package. A light, compact and durable set of accessories which includes the IMStick with two IMWires; the IMStand mini tripod, two adhesive metal IMStickers, and the IMCase, which transforms into a stable base. Packed in a handy travel case for easy access to whichever accessory you need.

Set #1 includes


A versatile magnetic phone holder

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A new generation tripod that attaches to any smooth surface

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Two high-quality metal plates with unique design


Not just a classy accessory but a sturdy base for your gadget

Your perfect phone assistant

IMStick is an elegant accessory for your phone
that frees your hands for the things that really matter. It has three main types of attachment: magnet, wires and universal screw port in the middle. Take it with you to a fitness session, work meeting or a road trip - the possibilities are endless. IMStick wires can be wrapped around pretty much anything to take a great picture and no one has to be excluded from it.

Stand & Stable

IMStand is essential during road trips. It consists of two parts: the twistable suctuon cup and flexible IMSuppot. Together they create a new generation tripod that attached to all smooth surfaces and does not leave marks. Easy to attach and detach
at any time you need to move it.

Pair IMSupport & IMCase

However the IMSupport can be used both pared with IMStand or IMCase. This pairing is perfect
for the times when you can't make use of an uneven surface. The IMCase can replace a stand for your phone which enables your device to be charged more easily regardless of what you choose wireless or cord.