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Allows you to take pictures when no one is around


Best accessory to hang, prop, or stick your device to get perfect shot or film a video for your social media account. Transforms your regular water bottle into a tripod and a broom into a selfie stick.


Unusual angles

You will be able to take photos from the most unusual angles and boost your creativity.

Universal port

IMStick has a universal screw head that can be attached to any tripod for a more convenient and versatile use of your recording devices.

Phone stabilizer

Now you can say no to shaky videos. Tie the wires to a stable object for a perfect time lapse video.

Find your angle to capture PERFECT moments


For an even more stabilized and creative angles use IMStand. Flexible and stable IMStand will boost your creativity. With its help you can record dancing videos, music practices, make up tutorials or take pictures of your yoga practice.


Photo Assistant

Attach it to a wall or any other smooth surface at the photo studio to get that perfect shot.

Video Tutorials

Use it to film videos or tutorials for your social media.

Memorable moments

Take pictures of memorable moments with your friends and family.

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Semi-permanent photo studio assistant

Great semi-permanent solution for your home or photo studio. Pick a place for your camera, attach the IMButton and IMStick to the wall and start shooting. Conveniently attaches to any surface and holds your phone, tablet or any other portable device.

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