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We are happy to announce that starting today you can pre-order Set#1. Do it before the 1st of October to receive 10% off the regular price. 

Set #1 is the perfect product combination for active and adventurous people. The IMStand and IMStick are neatly packed in an elegant case that is not just a classy accessory but a sturdy base for the IMSupport.

Here is more information of what you get:

IMStick - our base product that has over 100 possible use cases. It comes with two metal plates and silicone covered metal wires to use on multiple surfaces. 

IMStand -  a new generation tripod that along with the IMStick will give you unusual angles and can be attached to any smooth surface. 

IMSupport - use it with the base of IMStand or attach to the case for a comfortable use of your phone.

The case also has a carabine that attaches to the loop and can be hanged anywhere you want. All of the accessories are nicely packed together, so you can take them on a trip, store it in the glove compartment of your car, carry around in your purse or clip it to your backpack.

To see more pictures and shop the Set#1 CLICK HERE

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