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The Best Car Phone Holder

The Best Car Phone Holder

Cell phones are not only a mandatory attribute of our everyday life, but also indispensable while driving a car. Sometimes you need to use the navigation system, calls and other functions during your trip. Special mounts will help you to get rid of this problem.

The selection of the right car dash is based on several characteristics. The future owner needs to decide where their device will be fixed and what functions it will perform. Wireless charging, personal voice assistant and more should be available whenever you need it.

Recommendations on selecting a accessory

The device for a mobile device plays an important role, so you should be smart about your purchase. Take advantage of a few simple tips from seasoned shoppers who already know something and are willing to share their findings with others.

Some of the best recommendations on selecting devices include:

  • frequent change of cars or renting them requires purchasing an accessory with a suction cup, and you can choose a glue device for your personal vehicle;
  • wireless charging and a metal plate are a dangerous tandem, because it is possible that you won’t be able to use this convenient function;
  • spring-loaded appliance must be wide enough for your oversized cell phone to be securely fastened;
  • magnetic mounts are weighted, so make sure your case and cell phone meet the specified requirements;
  • models with Qi wireless charging are DC powered by your car, and device connection is optional.

An unprepared buyer could notice that there are several types of fasteners. Magnetic car dash, spring mount and windshield attachment accessories differ in their configuration and features. Choose the appropriate component responsibly.

Air vent appliances

Car enthusiasts who decide to opt for a vent device model should look at the variety of offered options. You can get acquainted with the assortment with a brief summary of information about common appliances:

  1. Beam Electronics. The cost of the universal car dash is around $ 16. This mount has brackets for support and levers for fastening from different sides. The advantage of choosing such a device is that the car dash can be rotated 360 degrees. Removing your cell phone is also easy – just press a button.
  2. AINOPE Gravity. It’s a favorite of car drivers that has become popular due to its versatility. This appliance is suitable for mobiles up to 6.7 inches, and the size of the case does not affect its usability. Slip pad can be easily installed on air vents of any car, which is the reason for trusting this accessory.
  3. Belkin Premium. The main disadvantage of this car dash is that the device fits cell phones up to 5.5 inches wide. You should take this into account, since a tight case can cause some problems. The mount rotates 180 degrees, and car drivers like it. Its cost is about $ 30.
  4. Kenu Airframe Wireless. This slip pad, which is priced at around $ 50, is popular with wireless charging mobile owners. Automatic shutdown on hot days will allow you to forget about overheating of your device. The appliance comes with additional USB ports.
  5. Miracase. A cheaper accessory option ($ 24) will delight people who like fixing their device securely. The fixing clip will allow you to attach your device to any ventilation, and the lower protrusion will protect against possible damage. The device rotates 360 degrees, which is convenient when using the navigation system.

Using popular holders will not harm your air conditioning system. Mounts stay firmly in their installed position, and movement is not a problem. However, the choice of slip pads for mobiles in cars does not end there.

Practical car appliances

Slip pads may not always be attached to your air vent. The main reason for the lack of such an opportunity is their non-standard form. Installing a retainer in the hole is quite often not available, so brands have prepared other profitable and practical options.


This stylish car dash costs less than $ 16. The device is suitable for many cell phone models. Your mobile can be securely fixed to the dashboard or windshield, as the magnetic accessory is stable.

The car device rotates 360 degrees, allowing your cell phone to be positioned at a suitable angle. The cheaper non slip pad looks stylish and does its job well, so if you don't want to overpay, this is a great option.

iOttie Easy One Touch 2

Thanks to a thin layer of gel, you can install this holder on any smooth and textured surface, such as a dashboard. The cost of the model is $ 17, but Amazon buyers talk about the opportunity to purchase it with a small discount.

The telescopic arm extends 8 inches to rotate your cell phone 225 degrees. The ability to position your device at the correct angle will ensure a comfortable use of your mobile on the road. Built-in wireless charging is also included.

iOttie iTap 2 for dashboard and windshield 

This novelty is popular for its stylish and modern design. The powerful suction cup fits easily to the dashboard and windshield. However, you will need to attach a special metal plate to your case or mobile.

This versatile accessory costs only $ 27. The swivel mechanism allows your device to be used at any suitable viewing angle. The lack of an adhesive base speaks in favor of purchasing it, since the glue can dry out, unlike the gel.

Scosche Magic Device Dash

It’s an interesting representative of magnetic non slip pads for cell phones. Using the accessory is quite simple, as you just need to find a flat surface on your dashboard. It will be possible to attach the retainer to the window using special glue, which will ensure reliable adhesion to a smooth surface.

The cost of this accessory does not exceed $ 20, which indicates that it’s quite not expensive. There is also the ability to change the viewing angle, so without any doubt, it’s convenient to use it.

Cup holder TOPGO

An adjustable viewing angle, flexible non slip pad and a snug fit to the console are the main advantages of this holder. This unusual model costs $ 20, and its versatility allows it to be used with almost any cell phone. The easiness of free access to your mobile while driving is the reason for the popularity of this holder.


the perfect pair for safe and comfortable driving. This combination allows you to easily transport your phone mount, making it a perfect solutions for personal vehicle or a rented one. The PVC suction cup provides a strong grip with smooth surfaces and does not leave any marks. The easy construction allows a one step mounting of the stand, attaches with a gentle 90 degree twist. 


Increasing your comfort while driving a car depends on the use of additional accessories. There is a huge variety of new items on the market, and the price range varies significantly. Making the right choice and upgrading your car is easier than it seems.

How do I attach the holder to the dashboard?

Holders help to access your cell phone while driving a car. Mounts are secured with the help of suction cups or glue, and are installed in the ventilation hole of the car.

How to choose the right holder?

To choose a suitable mount, you need to study the shape of your air vent and determine the frequency of changing cars. Car dashes for glued cell phones are suitable for your personal vehicle, and magnetic ones are great for rented cars.

How much are cheaper car holders?

The price of the mount depends on the features of the accessory (viewing angle, installation options). The cost of cheaper slips for cell phone in cars ranges from $ 16 to $ 40.


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