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The Best Tablet Holder for Car +

The Best Tablet Holder for Car +

It seems quite difficult to have fun on the way to kindergarten or on vacation. Drivers shouldn’t be distracted by any external noises, but still need to follow the route. Special tablet mounts enable you to watch the road and enjoy spending the time on the road.

The device specifics are that all you need to use your tablet is to fix it securely. Thanks to the secure fastening and convenient fixture, you will be able to provide comfort to every passenger in the car. Manufacturers offer a wide range of devices, and it is quite simple to decide on the options suitable to you.

Advantages and purpose of using holders

Unfortunately, not every car is equipped with the required navigation and audio systems for listening to audio files. Common multifunctional tablets make it possible to solve this problem and create a comfortable environment for a trip or travel. Their convenience is beyond doubt, so you definitely shouldn’t refuse to use them.

Car enthusiasts who are tired of keep searching for a place to locate a mobile gadget will appreciate the market novelty. Most tablet mounts have a number of attractive advantages:

  1. Safe driving. On the road, it’s not very convenient to follow instructions of the voice assistant or answer phone calls. Moreover, you must watch the road carefully without being distracted by sounds of a working gadget. The tablet mount will enable you to place the phone in front of your eyes and pay due attention to driving.
  2. Availability of technologies. It doesn’t matter whether you want to switch music or write a message, a functional tablet will always be at hand. The risk of losing the gadget out of sight is minimal, so you won’t have any problems solving current issues.
  3. Mobile phone protection. The tablet belongs to rather fragile equipment, since one careless hit on the screen can become fatal. Secure the device in the holder and stop worrying about its safety.

By using a special mount, you will be able to avoid fines, entertain children in the seat, and listen to your favorite music without any risk. Reliable fixtures thoroughly fix your phone, so you won’t be distracted while driving the car. Buying a mount will save you money – installing a new audio system is much more expensive than a tablet mount.

Tablet holders: common types

Affordable and premium-class options of tablet mounts are conditionally divided into several categories. Mobile mounts are classified considering their location and method of fixing. You will be able to decide on the right accessory for your car if you think about where it will be used in advance.

Sometimes, brands suggest fixing the tablet in the cup holder, instead of the back. For this purpose, they offer a special design, which is easy to install and remove if necessary. Thanks to the expandable base, you can place the mount in any car – from any passenger transport and up to motor homes.

Opportunity to change the viewing angle by 360 degrees is particularly demanded. The car owner can change the table position depending on the necessity. The only drawback is that it’s slightly inconvenient when used by a left-handed driver.

A mount with a lever is suitable for travelling with young children and teenagers whom you have to entertain on the way. The device can be installed easily, since it is fixed in the air vent and on the back of the driver’s seat.

A disadvantage of such a device is its sensitivity to vibration. The tablet (phone) may fall together with the mount if the road turns out to be rough. The large weight of the mount and the gadget creates other inconveniences: the air vent isn’t always capable of withstanding such a load.

A holder with suction cups is used a little less often, since the windshield angle determines the maneuverability of the phone screen rotation. Besides, it’s not always possible to find enough front space to install a mobile device. However, such a design also has an exceptional advantage. Since you can place the tablet anywhere, the accessory is used not only by a right-handed driver, but by a left-handed one as well.

How to choose a suitable holder

Well-known brands offer a wide range of extra fixtures, so you should prepare for making a purchase in advance. A worthy item will enable you to protect your tablet and ensure driving safety. Moreover, don’t forget about an opportunity to attach the mobile phone in the back seat headrest.

When searching for a suitable holder, you should pay attention to a few factors:

  1. Stability. The tablet shouldn’t feel lose in the frame, as this means that it can fall out on the way. The gadget thickness determines the final choice as well, and if you take the case into account, then you should take a more careful look at the selected model.
  2. Ease of use. Easy installation and disassembly make it possible to use the accessory for different car models. This function is important for those who rent a car often or drive several vehicles.
  3. Compatible with a car. The mounts differ not only in appearance and price, but in compatibility with cup holders and windshield as well. Make sure that the selected option provides a secure fixture on the back seat and is suitable for your vehicle model.

No doubt that the cost of a mobile accessory affects your choice. But you shouldn’t spare on it. Cheap options don’t always provide a reliable fixture, to say nothing of durability. The purchase will last a little longer if you decide on a well-known manufacturer.

Popular models of reliable mounts

Many car enthusiasts tend to buy affordable fasteners, but the price is a sign of quality. If you plan a single use of the accessory, then affordable options will easily cope with this task. But when it comes to reliable and long-lasting holder for the back seat, you shouldn’t underpay.

The car accessories market offers a huge number of options, but customers trust only few of them. Well-known and durable holders include the following:

  1. Cellet. The mobile model boasts versatility, since it is easy to install in a cup holder, which is no more than 3.5 inches wide. The protective panel provides protection against phone damage. The owner can change the viewing angle and rotate the mount by 360 degrees.
  2. Tryone. The holder is suitable for mounting on the back seat headrests. Easy installation, affordable cost, and versatility make the accessory a car drivers’ favorite. To fix the phone back, you will need just a couple of seconds. The accessory is compatible with devices with a screen diagonal of up to 10.5 inches.
  3. Macally. A perfect choice for parents who travel with young children. It is easily installed on the back seat and reliably fixed, which makes the journey quiet and peaceful. Vibration doesn’t affect the secure fixation, so your tablet will remain safe. The device size reaches up to 10 inches and suits most models.
  4. APPS2Car. The holder is perfect for entertaining passengers in the front seat. The mount is fixed with a suction cup, and you will need to find a flat surface to install it. The advantage of using the accessory is that the holder won’t spoil the dashboard surface.
  5. SincereFly. The model is attached to the windshield or air vent. The accessory is suitable for tablets (7.5-10 inches) and mobile phone (4.5-6.5 inches). There are three ways for the owner to adjust the holder position. The short lever length can be compensated for by attaching the tablet to the vent.

Careful preparation is the first step to buy a mobile holder. Decide on the options for using accessories, the sizes of your tablet, cup holder, and back seat headrest, if necessary. Moreover, keep in mind that the holder must withstand the tablet and the case weight.

If you failed to comply with the basic recommendations, the chance is high that after the purchase you will find out that the mount isn’t suitable for your car. The air vent of an uncommon shape, the too wide gap between the back seat headrests, and other shortcomings will quickly become obvious.

It’s also worth studying the detailed technical characteristics of mobile phone accessories. The car model and interior design can become additional complexities, so double-check your choice before making a purchase. Expert advice will enable you to make the right decision.

What tools will I need to install the holder?

The advantage of a car holder is that you won’t have to use any tools for mounting it. All you need is to read the instruction carefully and firmly fix the mount on the seat.

Are the tablet holders suitable for mobile phones?

Some models are used to fix both a mobile phone and tablet in the car. The manufacturer specifies suitable dimensions of the devices, so all you need is to ask the seller. Also, you can find an answer to this question in the technical specifications that contain a list of compatible phone models.

How to choose the holder model?

To buy a car mount, you will need to decide on where you want to use it (a windshield, a cup holder, a back seat). Besides, take the phone and tablet size in mind. The front seat holder isn’t suitable for fixing the tablet in the back.
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