IMStick: Best ways   to use

The phone mount has recently become essential when driving, flying, recording a video, or just exercising. A simple clamp will not just do it all for us today. We need something that secures our gadgets, something very reliable, easily adjustable, and lightweight. We all need one we can mount to any type of surface while driving, flying, or working. An evolutionary phone mount IMStick will be of great assistance. 

Here are the most common examples of how to use the IMStick travel phone mount accessory:

For Fast and Careful Travel Lovers

Attach your IMStick to any type of surface, whether it is a car windshield or a car vent. Mount your GPS for safe driving, and use Bluetooth headphones to keep both hands on the wheel. Not only can it hold your phone, but also a tablet, so your passengers can watch movies while on the road. Because of the flexible wires, it can attach to most types of vents. Stay safe no matter how bumpy the road is.

For Keen Creators

If you are a blogger or photographer, making high-quality videos is essential. Use IMStick as a phone stabilizer. Goes perfectly well with IMStand, a new-generation tripod phone holder. Its flexible stick can give you a 360-degree rotation. For the best experience, consider ordering Set#1, which includes IMStick, IMStand, and IMButton.  

IMStick for Musicians

Stick your smartphone or hang it while learning to play an instrument. Free your hands while creating music or share your lessons with your students when you are recording a video, teaching, and going live.

IMStick for Home

Use IMStick around the house for taking family pictures or for virtual workouts. Enjoy the hands-free convenience while cooking or cleaning. Watch your favorite TV show while unloading the dishwasher or dusting.

Sport with IMStick

Comfortably watch training sessions while exercising. Modernize your workout experience with IMStick. Stick your phone or tablet to the treadmill while exercising. If your exercise routine is intense, please check IMKeeper and IMButton. IMKeeper will keep your belongings safe while you are in an active phase. IMButton has an extra detail that makes your gadget completely slip-proof. It has a screw in the front part of the sticker for the most secure position of your device.  

The Stick Company works very hard on developing features that make their products revolutionary. IMStick is a must-have accessory if you want to capture the best moments or travel safely.

IMStick Outstanding Features

Among a good deal of different travel essential accessories and hands-free devices in the market, IMStick may easily earn first place. Any kind of travel pain can be removed from your life completely if you stick with The Stick Company's accessories. Compatible with any type of phone, easily attachable and compact.

Here are the main IMStick distinguishable features that allow for your phone to be secured and give you the best viewing experience:

Attachable to any kind of surface. Use an extra metal plate to secure your phone on a mirror and even on a wall. The grip is so tight the device attaches securely. 

The flexibility of the wires allows you to shape them any way you want. Bend it or swivel it around your palm to never lose your phone.

If you are a photography lover, you will appreciate that attachment. Works with most tripods and other Stick Original Accessories.

IMStick and IMStand can both hold up to 2 kg. The Stick Company creates products for both compact phones and larger devices.

IMStick  Phone Holder For Any Environment

Great for in-flight entertainment, with a high rank in customer reviews, IMStick can make your trip less stressful! Get yourself an IMStick today. It is compatible with any type of phone, and you can even use it with an iPad. 

Best travel companion for you, take it on a trip whether you go alone or with friends or family! Wrap the wires around your hand for enhanced security, or go hands-free by sticking your phone to a car vent while driving. Order your IMStick now from The Stick Company!

Can I bend it to elevate the angle of the mount?

You can make any degree angle adjustment, hang it at your eye level, or swivel it. Mount it at the bedside or any way you wish for the optimal viewing angle, even on your car's air vents. Run chores while watching a TV show.

Can I use it with the tablet?

The Stick Company makes it easy for you. Products are reconcilable with any type of device. You can mount your phone to any type of surface in a universal airplane, or you can use it along with IMStickers to mount your tablet.

Does IMStick stick well to metal?

One of the best features of the IMStick is that it is a universal phone accessory you can mount on anything. It does attach to metal. If you are having trouble finding a metal surface, use an extra metal plate. The grip is strong to ensure your phone sticks securely to any type of surface.