A perfect solution for all surfaces


IMButton just like a regular IMSticker has a sticky adhesive back, with one major difference: the front part of the sticker has a screw for a secure mount of your IMStick. With this type of attachment you can be 100% sure that your phone will never slip off. For a more diverse angle, attach IMSupport directly to IMButton and start your creative process.

HOW IT WORKS: Basic Tips

Attaching to all kinds of surfaces making it possible to use IMStick and IMSupport anywhere you want. Has an adhesive back and universal screw for more secure grip.


Perfect for rented apartments, with this adhesive you can attach sound system at your house without having to put nails through the wall


To keep your GPS navigator and phone in one place use IMbutton in the car. This way it will never slip off the place you choose to attach it to


Use this combination for a semi-permanent mount of your phone not only on smooth and polished surfaces.

How to Use IMButton

Step 1

Assemble the IMStick following instructions

Step 2

Peel the back of the IMButton to expose the adhesive tape

Step 3

Attach it to desired surface and press against it

Step 4

Attach the IMStick or IMSupport through the universal port. Start using it