Perfect selfie

Wrap the IMWires around your fingers to take a photo or use them while texting, this way you get a nice grip and won’t accidentally drop your phone.

Travel the world

The magnetic body of IMStick perfectly attached to any metal surfaces, meaning that tray tables in trains are great surface for mounting your phone.

Flexible and multifunctional mount

IMStand attaches to all smooth surfaces and does not leave marks allowing you to use it anywhere you want. It sticks to glass, mirrors or any polished surfaces giving you an ability to set it up in a car, vanity mirror or even a musical instrument.

Mirror mount

Attach to a mirror to film a perfect makeup tutorial or video call your family while getting ready for work.

Navigation always at your sight

Makes driving and long road teams more comfortable and safe. The stand can be attached to a windshield at any angle or height for you to follow the GPS.

Integral solution for your mobile devices

The perfect combination for the ever changing world that allows you to prop, hold and mount your mobile phone in most extreme situations and in conditions with limited availability of surfaces.

The Set#1 covers over 100% of your phone needs. Its lite, compact and durable set of accessories neatly packed in an elegant case for your comfort and easy access at all times.

Separate use cases

The IMStick can be used both separately and together with other accessories to increase the variety of use cases.