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Best phone wallet cases that keep your cards accessible and safe

Best phone wallet cases that keep your cards accessible and safe


Smartphones are an important part of our life. Active users are rarely separated from their cell phone, even while driving a car. Modern cases allow to simplify the use of mobile devices and eliminate the need to carry wallets in our pockets.

Linings and bumpers perform their basic functions properly. These products reliably protect your device from mechanical damage and prevent loss of its attractiveness. But buying modern holder options opens up new possibilities:

  • hold discount and bank cards;
  • protect your cash from prying eyes;
  • keep the screen of your device opened.

The front cover is missing, which is a key differentiator. Car drivers who own it won’t notice that their slipcover and cell phone are taking up more space as manufacturers have taken care of making it more convenient.

This stylish new slipcover will allow you to access your frequently used card or driving license for your car without looking for your wallet in your pockets or briefcase. Customers who have already appreciated all the delights of this novelty have liked that this product with a slot is practical. It is not difficult to purchase a perfect option, because you just need to make sure that the case is suitable for the model of your mobile phone.

Finding a description of the holder and its characteristics will allow you to make the right choice. The advantage of purchasing it is the ability to use all the functions of your cell phone (wireless charging, Apple Pay). Additional devices don’t interfere with convenient use, so your choice is limited only by your gadget model.

Top 7 best slipcover with card slots

This novelty is popular because of people’s desire not to feel discomfort while driving a car. You can leave cards and cash you don’t need in the car and go to a dinner or a business meeting light. Buyers are looking for practical and convenient options, so the ranking is not surprising.

To evaluate if you need this purchase, you need to take into account several points at once: convenience, cost and the availability of a cover for your specific cell phone model. Feedback from clients of well-known stores allowed us to compose a small top of the best holders.

iPhone Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

You can buy this practical novelty on Amazon, and it will cost about $ 15. This thick case fits almost all iPhones from the 6th generation and Galaxy S6 edge cell phones. This durable silicone slipcover is pleasant to the touch and looks quite stylish.

Customers note that accessing the slot card is easy because the holder has a slot. You will be able to place several maps and driving license for your car, which will be available to you at any suitable moment. Wireless charging compatibility is another benefit of the purchase.

iPhone Wallet Slayer Vol. 2

This improved version is available on Amazon, and the price of a new item ranges from $ 15 to $ 35. Wireless charging compatibility and new design are innovations that many consumers have been waiting for. The mount is compatible with modern iPhones as well as the popular Samsung Galaxy.

The leather pocket does not differ from the general color palette, but it is easy to notice it: the unusual texture catches the eye immediately. If necessary, a Pop Socket back can be attached to your cell phone. This “innovation” will not affect the functionality of your thick mobile slipcover. Compared to the first model, this case seems to be neater.

Lopie Sea Island of the Cotton series

This mount made of genuine leather and durable polycarbonate provides the best protection against drops and damage. The holder model is available for Amazon buyers. The purchase is quite inexpensive – only $ 14. The slipcover fits iPhone 7/8/7 Plus/8 Plus/X. Easy access to the card made this case a favorite.

However, constant rubbing against a pocket or other fabric (car upholstery) leaves marks in the corners. The peculiarity of this mobile holder is that this product is much thinner than in other options. The mount is perfect both for stylish women and practical men.


This faux leather product has received awesome reviews from Amazon buyers. The attractive design of the slipcover and its two slots for money and cards allow you to forget about constantly carrying your wallet with you. The mount is designed for new cell phones, such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. The holder costs up to $ 18.

You can see that artificial leather is practical and attractive thanks to the numerous photos of the back of the phone on the Internet. According to reviews, the material looks quite realistic. Few people manage to notice that it’s fake leather.


Although this thick case cannot be called space-saving, the delight of buyers is understandable. The company has approached the creation of a new slipcover differently, and it offers to hide the contents of your back card slot from prying eyes. The four cash slots are hidden away and can only be accessed by pulling the tab to the flip.

Besides, there is additional protection against cracks on the screen. Your cell phone is reliably protected from falling and mechanical damage. The holder is compatible with iPhone 7 and newer versions. The cost reaches $ 17, but sometimes there are options for 12.

Spigen Slim Armor

This model is different because the manufacturer has taken care of improving the protection of cards and cash (a flip). The storage pocket snaps into place to hide the contents, including your car ID, from prying eyes. The serious thick flip slip is quite tough, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your content and mobile.

Amazon shoppers purchase models with back slides that open up and down and left to right. The flip slip costs up to $ 18. The proposed novelty is compatible with iPhone 7 and other modern models, as well as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 9, 8 Plus, 9 Plus.


You will have to pay up to $ 30 for a leather slip pocket. The company, which has become famous for its funny and colorful mounts, has prepared a novelty. The peculiarity of this purchase is that the pocket can be added to any case.

Genuine leather withstands mechanical stress, abrasion and looks more than just interesting. The assortment consists of a variety of colors, which will allow you to choose an option based on your personal preferences.

Why do you need cases with pockets?

Cell phones and cards are things that should always be at hand. A pocket in the back of your case gives you quick access to the resources you need.

How to choose the right case?

Your purchase must correspond to the model of your mobile gadget and personal preferences (thickness, number of cards, the ability to mount in your car). The holder costs between $ 11 and $ 30.

What case material should I choose?

Manufacturers of cell phone cases offer a choice of genuine and artificial leather. The materials have a high level of strength, so it is worth making a purchase based on your wishes (flip, mount in the car).

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