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World’s most versatile phone holder
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Hold and position your phone securely with the help of powerful magnets
Hold and position your phone securely with the help of powerful magnets
IMStick’s stylish, thin profile doesn’t add thickness to your phone, so it can still fit in your pocket easily. Snap it on when you need it, snap it off when you don’t. IMStick works on all types of phones and tablets. It sticks magnetically to fridges, gym equipment, train seats, and more. Safe to your phone or tablet, IMStick’s super strong magnets can hold up to 10 times your phone’s weight.
Configure it your own way with strong yet flexible wires
Silicone-coated steel wires let you mount your phone virtually anywhere. Flexible arms extend when you need them and hide neatly inside the sleek metal body when you don’t.
Get unusual angles of your workout sessions
Attach it to IMStand, IMStrap, IMKeeper or a tripod with a standard photo thread
Built-in ¼” standard photo thread takes IMStick usefulness to the next level by providing a seamless connection to other The Stick Company accessories, as well as standards camera tripods.
Stand out from the crowd
Find your unique style and express yourself by choosing one of the special series IMStick designs.
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