Let us give you a glimpse into one of our creative photoshoots
Author: Maria Iontseva

The Stick Company takes pride in working with artists who inspire us to design products that help unleash creativity, and make the process of writing and playing music a hustle-free experience

Our team's “motto” is a good company and a common cause makes everything ten times better. That’s why even long hours of filming and shooting quality content turn into a great fun experience with new friendships and partnerships. Those connections help us stay creative and enthusiastic through 15 hour long photoshoots with an hourly displacement of photo and lighting equipment around the studios and music facilities for better shots.

We always strive to reach people with different styles and interests because we believe in the diversity and individuality of each and every one of our clients. That's why guitar players, drum players, and ukulele enthusiast all come together in the same studio working as a team, shoulder to shoulder with each other.

Many of the musicians, models, film directors, and photographers become our true fans and supporters. They continue using our IMStick and IMStand accessories and end up recommending them to their friends and families. We usually stay connected to each other and always happy to work together or discuss new music that has just come out. 

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