New generation tripod - IMStand
Author: Anastasiya Lukyanova

The Stick Company is happy to present the accessory that will elevate your phone experience on a whole new level. With this add on, you can ease your photo sessions, music rehearsals, learning process and even driving.

IMStand will greatly assist musicians (especially guitar players) during their music rehearsals. You can attach the stand to the guitar and look at the tabs or lyrics on your phone. The base won’t scratch the guitar and can be easily removed and relocated at any time.

Use it while driving by sticking it to the windshield and freeing the space on the dashboard. With the IMStand you can be sure that your phone is safe and secured at the right position for you to follow the GPS and keep both of your hands on the wheel.

Place it on any smooth surface such as mirrors, windows, polished surfaces or tiles to get a unique angle for photos and videos. The flexible IMSupport allows you  to choose any angle desired.

Even studying and skipping can be done with the IMStand! Stick it to a shelf or wall to free some space on your desk which will allow you to learn in a more comfortable environment without other  things getting in your way. 

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