IMStick Collections
IMStick is the world’s most versatile phone holder, mount, and stand. Browse our collections of unique designs.

Classic Collection

Original design for those who prefer classic accessories
Select design:
IMStick Black

Colors Collection

Fun and bright colours to fit any personality
Select design:
IMStick Gold color

B&W Collection

Geometric minimal shapes for those who appreciate minimalism
Select design:
IMStick Shapes

Japanese Collection

Japanese culture inspired designs in a variety of styles and techniques
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IMStick Happiness

Flags collection

A practical souvenir for travel enthusiasts
Select design:
IMStick UK Flag

Featured designs

A fun selection of our favourite designs
Select design:
IMStick Banana

Russian collection

Traditional Russian motives in a new, reimagined design
Select design:
IMStick Malevich

Sport Collection

Five designs to represent a favourite sport
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IMStick Tennis
Sometimes the sum is greater than the parts. Never leave your home without one of our special sets.

SET # 1

A perfect product combination to securely mount any gadget on all kind of surfaces
IMStick + IMStand + Case
zzzz: 31563331764298

Bike Set

Extra safety for a phone while biking or scooting
IMStick + IMStand + Case
zzzz: 32344134844490

IMButton Sets

Select design:
IMButton Set Black
Original Accessories
Our company's motto is "Everything is Connected." Explore the accessories that work seamlessly with IMStick


zzzz: 29413167628362


zzzz: 31446662479946


zzzz: 31931346976842


Select design:
IMButton Black x4
Spare Parts
Need a spare part for IMStick? You can always find one here.
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