What can IMStick do?

  • Shields your phone from falls
  • Secures gadgets on any surface
  • Assists in creating original content
  • Enhances safety during driving and cycling adventures
  • Provides more convenient workouts
  • Frees up your hands during video calls and video watching
  • Replaces other mobile device holders: tripods, stands, magnetic car phone holders

IMStick and IMStick Pro: what is the difference

The IMStick Pro is 30% stronger than the IMStick Classic. It was designed for the iPhone 12-14 (with MagSafe). It sticks directly to your phone. Our developers have increased the number of neodymium magnets to 8 pieces. Thanks to this, the IMStick Pro can withstand up to 3 kilograms and also does not interfere with the device’s charging process.

For extra security, we’d recommend you use the metal plate. It holds up to 4 kg with the IMSticker metal plate. It can be placed directly on your phone, or under the case, and can be easily removed when not in use, with no marks or damage. We have various models from the classic black-and-white to colours and vibrant prints!

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We have various models from classic black-and-white colors to vibrant prints.

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