IMStick with a tablet

Thanks to strong magnetic force, any tablet can be attached to IMStick, allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities in full. Want to get a better look at your favorite workout trainer? Attach this magnetic mounting system to the handle of your wardrobe. Don't want to miss a stream of a wholesome content maker? Place your tablet on IMStand to declutter your table a bit and focus on other activities.

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One accessory — endless possibilities

Every now and then, your tablet has to leave the comfort of the house, and this is where the fun begins, as both IMStick and IMStand can become essential tools on a trip, at work, or for your hobby. Let's take a look at how this adjustable and elegant accessory can give you the possibility to benefit from exclusive features like strong magnets, premium materials, and MagSafe compatibility.

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IMStick for road trips

We all know that if you are not behind a steering wheel, there is not much to do in a car during a long trip. Hence, an iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or any other universal tablet becomes an irreplaceable item. 

The MagSafe-compatible IMStick allows you to use your tablet in the following ways:

  • Use the neodymium magnets and attach your device to any metal surface you find in a car. It can be the back of the front seat or door elements. 
  • The suction cup at the end of IMStand will let you attach a tablet to the window, too. You can be sure that this tablet mount will not let your device fall down under any circumstances.
  • Another attachment, steel wires with silicone coating, can help you wrap an IMStick around any surface and not rely on a magnetic plate. 

IMStick will magically hold an iPhone, MagSafe devices, and tablets to provide you with the best in-car experience with the possibility of twisting on a hinge 360 degrees.

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IMStick for Work

If your tablet is an essential element of the workflow, our magnetic holder is not a need but a must for you. 

IMStick can help on numerous occasions:

  1. IMStick is an essential tool to improve the management of your tasks, as it allows you to safely place your tab anywhere you want and analyze data and not interfere with anyone.
  2. Switch seamlessly between landscape and portrait modes to maximize your productivity.
  3. IMStick grants you a chance to stick it securely, also giving you the possibility to detach a tablet easily and use it on the go.
  4. If you are a creative industry worker and use, say, Apple Pencil together with your tablet, IMWires will certainly come in handy and provide a strong grip for your instrument.

Take a glance at IMStick Pro if you are looking for an improved strength (Pro is 30% stronger) or at IMSticker the adhesive nature of which will let your tablet and phone mount endure heavy loads (up to 3 kg). Moreover, IMStick does not block wireless charging, so your smartphone will not lose even a fraction of its charge while you use it.

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IMStick for your Hobby

The phone and tablet holder IMStick allows both amateurs and professionals to improve their performance significantly. According to customer reviews on our products, certain individuals could improve their skills and get results that were two or even three times better than without IMStick or IMStand, and they would definitely recommend the product to anyone.

For example, a proper phone and tablet holder gives you a better look at the chords or tabs in landscape mode when you are learning a difficult song. The high-gripping surface can help you learn languages if you mount your iPad on IMStick to participate in an important video call. 

Last but not least, you can take advantage of your tablet or monitor and use it as a basic component of the ecosystem to control your cooking process more easily.

Get your own versatile IMStick mount and attain the topmost usability and convenience of doing your favorite things! Get in touch with The Stick company now and choose the device that suits you best!

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