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Best car phone holders for large phones

Best car phone holders for large phones

Car drivers understand that driving safety depends on a few factors. However, it’s quite difficult to control most of them; one should pay attention to those that can be eliminated. That’s right: it’ll go about using large mobile phones safely while driving.

The growing fine amount pushes to find a way out of the complex situation. Some cars are equipped with a navigation system, make it possible to listen to music while traveling, and answer calls as well. Unfortunately, modern devices are quite expensive to install, so car owners are forced to refuse this idea.

A special thick phone holder enables you to solve the problem at minimal cost. The fixture secures the device so that it can withstand heavy loads and protect your new phone from damage.

By buying an affordable but reliable holder, you will be able to avoid:

  • fines;
  • creating accident situations;
  • searching for your phone while driving;
  • distractions.

It’s quite easy understand this issue and find a suitable accessory. Reviews of new products enable you to decide on a functional and necessary mount for your car. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget.

BELKIN air vent mount

Car drivers don’t feel like accumulating excessive additional devices on the panel; so, an opportunity to fix a thick phone in the vent turned out to be extremely handy. The company offers a wide range of models. However, some accessories are suitable for a phone with a 5.5-inch diagonal and up to 3 mm thick.

The design’s peculiarity is that special soft sponges are used to secure a large phone. They make it possible to protect a thick phone from damage and firmly fix it in the required position. Opportunity to turn the mobile phone to your liking is an additional bonus.

Air vent mount with charging by KENU AIRFRAME

The holder that makes it possible to charge your mobile phone on the go is worth your attention. It provides additional convenience. Combination of a phone that can connect to wireless charging and the mount in question create a unique tandem. The holder fixes the large phone and charges it without any problems.

You will be able to fix the accessory in the air vent. However, you will have to turn the heater off if it is turned on. Also, you should keep in mind that the vent of a round shape is not compatible with such a holder. You will have to look for another option.

Holder by LOGITECH

The company decided not to reinvent the wheel, but to complement its development with important function. Among its advantages, the following are worth being mentioned: voice control of the audio and navigation systems, opportunity to send text messages and make calls while driving a car to work or to the country.

An important innovation makes it possible to control a large smartphone without using your hands at any convenient time. To use the available functions, you will need to download and install a special application required for controlling your thick phone in full on the road.

Windshield mount by EXSHOW

The device is suitable for fixing largephones with a diagonal of up to 6 inches, which will appeal to the modern phone owners. The model is characterized by flexibility and reliable attachment to the windshield.

The double-suction cup provides a firm mount of the phone and doesn’t obscure the road view. A 360-degree rotation is available to change the position. The offered functions are enough to forget about any problems with using a thick phone.

YOSH magnetic holder

Miniature size shouldn’t misguide car enthusiasts. This small accessory can fix the tablet in the right position, to say nothing of thick mobile phones. Its laconic design will make the device an invisible novelty and facilitate access to the phone.

The purchase is unacceptable only for those who don’t want to spoil the back cover or case appearance. To use the car holder, you need to add a sticker, which you may find inappropriate. The small size and opportunity to fix any smartphone make you give this model a closer look.

Multifunctional mount for dashboard by ARTECK

The device belongs to the category of miniature devices as well. The magnetic holder is powerful enough for a large phone, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. Opportunity to adjust the screen position is available as well.

You can attach the holder for large phones to both the dashboard and the windshield. The suction cup sometimes requires a small amount of moisture to be firmly fixed in the necessary location. Since the car holder is designed to suit immodest sizes of a thick phone, you don’t risk anything during the trip.

Magnetic holder for dashboard by WUTEKU

Those who prefer an inconspicuous holder and don’t want to spoil the appearance of their large device should buy this novelty. The magnetic disk can be hidden under the cover and provide a reliable fixation even on uneven roads. The versatile mounting system is suitable for thick phones.

Opportunity to adjust the viewing angle and change the thick phone position when driving a car adds a few points to its usability. The sticky pad is firmly fixed on the dashboard and doesn’t obscure the road view. Opportunity to detach it quickly from the mount is a significant advantage.

SYNCWIRE rotary holder

This compact mount is fixed on the car air vent. A durable aluminum construction rotates by 180 degrees easily, which means that it won’t be difficult to adjust it to an appropriate position. The accessory is suitable for all models of phones, including those with a large diagonal.

Doesn’t support the wireless charging function. For this reason, car owners will either have to use a cable or remove the magnetic disk. Certain inconveniences surely mar the impression of the novelty, but compatibility with common models negates this disadvantage.

OLIXAR phone holder

OLIXAR has developed a model that can be easily attached to the dashboard and the windshield. Opportunity to choose a suitable location enables you find a comfortable position to minimize discomfort during the trip.

The fact that there are no stickers on the back cover of phones necessary to fix it, makes you think about making this purchase. To fix a thick phone, place the disk between the large phone and the case. The holder is powerful enough for a strong connection. A simple removal of the cell phone before leaving the car is a good reason to pay attention to the new model.

Adjustable holder by MPOW

The well-known brand has prepared more than one attractive offer for car enthusiasts. The novelty is attached to the dashboard and the windshield with a suction cup. Double-suction ensures a secure and firm fixation of a large smartphone.

The gadget is protected from possible damage by a protective frame. The phone is fixed on three sides, and the frames are covered with a thin layer of rubber. The protection leaves no traces on the case and on the large mobile phone, so you don’t have to worry about a spoilt look.

How to choose a mount for your smartphone?

The holder to purchase depends on the study of the accessory technical characteristics and the phone weight. Car mounts differ in design, so the choice of a particular one depends on the personal preferences of the owner of a large smartphone and a vehicle. 

What characteristics should the holder have?

Accessories for phones must be powerful enough to withstand large devices with a case, fix it firmly and attach securely in the chosen way. Study the requirements for car air vents and decide on the best option.

What is the average cost of phone holders?

The price of a mount for phones depends on a few characteristics and, usually doesn’t exceed $40. You shouldn’t scrimp on the accessory for your car since durability and safety of a large gadget depends on it.

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