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IMStick just got more elegant and colorful than ever!

IMStick just got more elegant and colorful than ever!

We are thinking of our customers and making sure everyone can find just the right color to express their personality. Now the IMStick comes in three additional colorsTurquoise, Blood Orange, and Hunter green.

This variety of bright colors are meant to bring more fun and positivity into upcoming summer days. Use it to enhance the benefits of pretty much any summer activities: biking, skating, tracking, or even yachting.

The magnets are very powerful and can hold up to 2kg, meaning your tablet, smartphone, any other gadget are perfectly safe and secure with the help of IMStick.

Take it with you for a picnic on your backyard to video call your family for an online get-together, do a workout session following personal trainer instructions, take memorable pictures with people who are dear to you, or choose any other activity you love, to get a revolutionary smartphone experience you never thought of before.

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